Congratulations, on taking action to discover your wealth profile!

As you’re about to find out, knowing your Wealth Profile (and the key strategies that flow from your Profile), is one of the most important steps you’ve ever taken on your own path to wealth.


Imagine for a moment we defined wealth as ‘money (we don’t, but more about that later). And imagine in your search for wealth, you went to a seminar on wealth creation led by Bill Gates. You’d hear Bill telling you his (obviously very successful) strategies. And you might even try to apply them.


Then, next week, imagine you went to another wealth creation seminar, this time led by Warren Buffet – currently the second wealthiest person in the world (obviously his strategies work too!).


And then the following week, you went to a program with Donald Trump or Robert T. Kiyosaki. Guess how you’d end up… CONFUSED.


And you’d be confused because each of those people would give completely different strategies – and some may even contradict each other!


Yet, clearly their strategies work. But here’s the most important point for now – they work FOR THEM because of who they are NOT because of what they do. And those strategies continue to work for them (and always will) because they’re in what we call “their flow”.


This “who they are” and “flow” are the critical things to get. Well actually, what’s REALLY critical is who YOU are. Your Wealth Profile defines that for you. It defines YOUR flow, your strategies and your critical path to wealth.


And many times, how we’re leading our lives is simply NOT consistent with who we are. Knowing your Wealth Profile gives you absolute clarity around who you are, so you can now match who you are with what you do (not the other way around!).


For many people, what they do is stressful. That’s simply because they’re playing ‘off profile’. In fact, if what you’re doing IS stressful, if it seems like hard work, then it’s a very safe bet that you’re playing ‘off profile’ rather than ON profile.


For many entrepreneurs, wealth creation (for the moment defined as making money) is an up and down almost zero sum game. We make a lot… and then we lose it. Here’s the truth – we make a lot when we’re on profile, and we lose it when we’re playing the wrong (off profile) game.

So knowing your Wealth Profile defines what you should be doing and what you should not be doing to create your own flow and your own wealth.


You’re about to discover that there are ONLY eight ways to create true wealth, and each of these ways has certain rules which need to be followed to achieve optimal results. The two questions that each one of us need to ask are these:


  1. Which path to wealth suits our natural character and personality best? and
  2. Once we know which path to wealth is best for us, what are the steps we should take, and what are the rules for that particular wealth creation game?


Next you will discover the answers to the questions above, and much more.

First though, it’s important for you to know how to understand your profile results.


Some background for you to help you understand your profile results:

Wealth Profiling is profound. It’s based on a 5000 year old ‘technology’ called the I-Ching. (In fact, ALL psychometric testing is based on this. What Wealth Profiling uniquely does is to link some previously missing elements into the mix.


Consider that the ancient Chinese philosophies show us that there are five natural “energies”.

Dynamo: Spring/ wood

Energized, dynamic, creative, great at getting things started, but terrible at getting things finished.

Blaze: Summer/Fire

Passionate, outgoing, great at networking and meeting new people, but easily distracted from task at hand.

Tempo: Autumn/Earth

Compassionate, great team player and reliable at getting things done with the team. Will often seek direction from others.

Steel: Winter/Metal

Orderly, systems oriented with a good eye for detail. Strong at completing, but finds it tough to start new things.

Wizard: Transition/Water

Connected, tranquil and spiritual. Focused at the why behind everything.


Each of us has a mix of these energies that contribute to the whole of who we are.


Wealth Dynamics gives each of us clarity on our personal path of least resistance to wealth creation: what our strategy should be, who we need in our team, how we should apply ourselves, when we should take action and – more importantly – when we should not.


Wealth Dynamics will provide you with :

1.       Clarity on the eight paths of least resistance to success

2.       Identifiable role models and biographies within each path

3.       A six-step process for building the right team and focusing on the right activity

4.       Links to the growth stages in business, and the essential hierarchy of our life values from passion to purpose.

5.       Giving clarity on our strengths and weaknesses to build our wealth foundation.


Benefits of Wealth Dynamics

When you understand wealth dynamics and wealth profiling, you’ll discover a way for you to build your wealth which comes naturally to you, so it’s fun and sustainable. You’ll be following a proven path which others similar to you have already followed, and achieved success with. You’ll understand where to invest your time, and how to identify the right role models. You’ll also begin to attract the opportunities and people who will help you build your wealth.

To truly understand the benefits of wealth dynamics and wealth profiling, it’s also important to understand wealth.


Where will this new knowledge lead you?

a      You find that wealth is far more about focus than talent, and that much of your time is focused on the wrong thing. When you quit these areas, you begin to experience entirely different levels of action, traction and attraction.

a      You find that there are rules to wealth and that until you begin to follow the rules, you’ll never win the game. When you learn the rules, you realize you have the power to master them.

a      You realize the game that you need to play is already built around your strengths and passions – things you are likely to have been taking for granted while you work for a living

a      You begin to experience ‘flow’, which occurs when you follow your natural path. You begin to attract the right opportunities, people, talent and resources.

a      You begin to master the art of anticipation, which can only come as a result of following your natural game. You discover that synchronicity, coincidences and sheer luck are experiences that should not be left to chance.

a      You find that as you increase your power to receive, you increase your power to give. You realize that your power to contribute becomes more than a choice – it becomes a responsibility. Momentum brings meaning , and your life path leads to your life purpose.


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