The 8 Secrets of Inspirational Leadership

The 8 Secrets comprise our philosophy for creating the energy and spirit that sustain high performance teams. These secrets instill personal and group confidence, thus help to create an environment where champions are inevitable.  This leadership philosophy builds upon two basic rules of human nature, includes five primary elements that address human nature in the context of high performance teamwork, and is tied together by a singular type of energy.  The 8 Secrets are:

Secret 1: Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Secret 2: Everyone wants to feel valued.

Secret 3: To build a team, you must DEFINE THE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE

§         Leaders must clearly articulate the specific objectives of the team, including the expected timeframe for achieving the objectives.

§         Leaders must create objectives that are both challenging and achievable.

Secret 4: To inspire followers, you must ENNOBLE THE EFFORT

§         Leaders must help individuals to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

§         Leaders must highlight the intrinsic value of the team in its historical and organizational framework.

Secret 5: High performance teams are possible if leaders EMPOWER INDIVIDUALS WITHIN TEAM SYNERGY

§         Leaders should take the time to make each team member special.

§         Leaders need to provide the framework for individual accomplishment
to support team objectives.

Secret 6: Leaders and teams must make time to CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY

§         Win every day.

§         Leaders and followers must create an awareness of the rewards that occur along the journey.


§         Challenge each team member to make a personal commitment
to be the best they can be.

§         Develop the value of the team’s objectives within individual team members.

Secret 8: Sustained team high performance is tied together by POSITIVE ENGAGED ENERGY


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